Kamakura Field Trip

Our first real adventure in Japan took place during our Area Orientation/Intercultural Relations training. It was a field trip to Kamakura located in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Naturally, our first stop was to try some of the local cuisine. We decided to follow the happy little vegetable people! And I’m so glad we did! We were… Continue reading Kamakura Field Trip


The First 24: Initial Impressions of Japan

Before embarking on the final leg of our journey to Japan, we had to fly from Southern California to Seattle, Washington. Once in Seattle, it was a mad rush to collect our luggage, catch a shuttle, check into a hotel, and get to bed. After a refreshing 3.5 hours of sleep, we were back at… Continue reading The First 24: Initial Impressions of Japan


Afternoon Hike

There is something intrinsically healing about being out in nature. Even Hippocrates acknowledged that “nature itself is the best physician”. So amid the chaos of planning, organizing, and executing an overseas move, Hubby and I ventured out into parts unknown (at least to us) to discover breathtaking vistas near our home in sunny Southern California.… Continue reading Afternoon Hike