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Okinawa Vacay

I was privileged to accompany Hubby on a work trip to the main island of Okinawa, located at the southernmost tip of Japan.


Okinawa is known as the “Hawaii of Japan” and offers endless photo opportunities of turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and abundant sea life.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any of those things since Hubs was in meetings all day and had the rental car. Nevertheless, I was able to snap a few sunset photos when we were able to go out exploring after work.



One evening we tried a DIY yakiniku (“grilled meat”) restaurant to cater to his inner carnivore….


And on another night we found a delightfully organic, farm-to-table buffet to satisfy my herbivore tenancies.

daikon no hana

We also set out to find a hidden beach on a remote part of the island.  It was quite a trek, and the last leg of our journey involved driving on rough roads and through unmarked tractor paths.



Once we reached a clearing, we knew we were almost there.


When the secluded beach finally came into view, we knew it was worth the extra effort.





There were even wild pineapples growing near the beach. Can you spot four of them in the trees?


We also did some research and found the actual Hacksaw Ridge (which was the original site for the 2016 movie bearing the same name) where pacifist Army medic Desmond Doss miraculously saved 75 lives during WWII.




This is the rock that Doss utilized, along with a rope, to lower wounded soldiers over the ridge to safety while dodging an onslaught of Japanese artillery.


The view from the ridge:


Remains of a Japanese castle wall built on the ridge in 1410:



Japanese foxholes/tunnels used in the war:

And memorials to the dead:


Even though I didn’t get the typical beach vacation I was hoping for, I am so glad to have experienced the adventures that made up our trip.




One thought on “Okinawa Vacay

  1. Such beautiful photography! I never had the slightest desire to travel to Okinawa, until now. I was especially interested in Hacksaw Ridge and seeing the actual rock Desmond Doss utilized to save all those men. Thank you for such a fascinating blog!

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